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Our Dependable Home Inspectors Will

  • Scan for general maintenance issues involving electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems
  • Inventory the entire property for structural defects
  • Run a natural gas, propane and carbon monoxide test to ensure you will be safe from harmful gasses
  • Provide you the best service for the best price

General Inspection Pricing


Up to 1,000 sq ft $300.00
1,001-1,999 sq ft $340.00
2,000-2,999 sq ft $380.00
3,000-3,999 sq ft $420.00
5,000 + Call for a quote.


Up to 1,000 sq ft $300.00
1,001-1,999 sq ft $340.00
2,000-2,999 sq ft $380.00

Additional Services

Wind Mitigation for $100

When you book a wind mitigation inspection, you are protecting your home from the inevitabilities of nature. This is especially important when living in a coastal region like Tampa. On top of ensuring your safety from hurricanes, getting a wind mitigation inspection can also qualify you to save big on your home insurance premiums.

Add wind mitigation to a standard home inspection for $50.00.

4 Point Inspection for $100

When you hire us for a 4 point home inspection we produce reports based on the information your insurance carriers need. Like wind mitigation, a 4 point home inspection can be the difference between saving cents on home insurance policies and saving thousands.

Add 4 point to a standard home inspection for $75.00.

Wind Mitigation and 4 Point $150

Book a wind mitigation and 4 point inspection together to save time, money, and mystery.

Over 40-Year-Old Home $35

We upcharge a small fee for older homes to guarantee your property gets the personalized and thorough inspection it deserves.

Annual Inspection $175

Committing to an annual home inspection can protect you from a potential financial disaster. By hiring us to inspect your property once a year, you can feel confident knowing you’re keeping your family safe and preventing minor issues from becoming major problems.


As a locally owned family business, we like to show appreciation for those who make our community great. That’s why we offer a 10-percent discount to veterans, first responders, and single parents.

We understand Florida residents and the inspections more critical for those that reside here.

Tampa Florida Home Inspection
Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind Mitigation

Florida is a hotspot for hurricanes and tropical storms. State law mandates insurance companies provide substantial discounts for wind resistance structures.

4-point Inspections

4-Point Inspections

Combining four critical components into one inspection report; these inspections include HVAC Cooling and Heating, Electrical, Plumbing and Roof.

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Benjamin Hodges / Owner

Lindsay Hodges
LIndsay Hodges / Owner

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